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Our Vision is promoting equitable, just, resilient and sustainable human-environment system
DSS visualizes, self-sufficient and self managed villages in Orissa where each and every individual across the communities, live in peace and harmony without fear of discrimination or denied justice. Every individual to maintain a prosperous life with self-dignity and concern for community and environment at large.

DSS has been promoting Self Help Groups with poor women and facilitating compulsory savings and credit activities among themselves.

DSS also provides hand holding and capacity building support to SHGs and their federations at GP level through
Promoting SHGs, JLGs, Cooperatives for livelihoods security

Promoting and strengthening GP and Block level federations of SHGs to promote self help and livelihoods
Conducting regular training and exposure programs for women group leaders to increase their managerial capacity.

With borrowing from Rang De Organization, Bangalore DSS continue advancing small loans to enterprising women members of the SHGs, JLGs and cooperatives for income generation.

During the year

  • The total credit disbursement has been Rs.10,032,000 to 801 enterprising women on various farm and non farm activities.
  • DSS has repaid Rs.9,502,845 to Rang De with an outstanding of Rs.5,659,750.
  • DSS not only advanced credit but also conducted number of training programs and market linkage programs in both farm and non farm enterprises.

With support from Tata trusts, DSS has been implementing a Craft based livelihood project at Barkhama Dhokra cluster in baliguda block of kandhamal district. The program has 3 major objectives viz

i) Enhancing the income of 125 artisan households to double,

ii) Increasing the crafts production volume 3 fold and

iii) Provide wage employment to artisans for at least 200 days a year.

Achievements during the year :

  • A project team has been placed with 5 staff members.
  • A baseline study has been conducted to know the status of the artisans and the cluster.
  • A project launching event was organized where Govt, PRI, official from Tata Trusts and other stakeholders participated. The objective was to garner cooperation from all stakeholders.
  • 2 nos of skill up-gradation trainings were conducted where 45 semi skilled artisans were trained in advanced skill and technique of Dhokra making. 25 types of prototypes were developed.
  • A Raw material Bank has been established in th project which lends the raw materials to artisans and receives the finished products back. During the year 1.88 quintals of Brass and 0.245 quintals of wax have been supplied 15 artisan families.
  • A comprehensive Design development program was continued by a designer deputed by Tata trusts. The designer have guided a team of expert artisans in new designs for a period of 6 months (One week a month). 45 new prototypes were developed by 24 artisans.
  • New improved tools and new techniques of casting were introduced to the artisans.
  • The marketing person has facilitated market of Dhokra from the cluster by attending national and state level exhibitions, order supply, shop contact etc.
  • An external capital fund of Rs.5 lakh has been mobilized from Rang De to establish a micro venture for continuing the production and sale.
  • Monthly tracking of the business by artisans have been done by the project team. The project has been able to enhance the artisan income by 50%.

With financial support from Madhyam foundation, Bhubaneswar and AWO International – Germany, DSS conducted the above program targeting 1000 women vegetable growers in 30 villages in Nimapara, Puri dist. and Balipatana, Khordha dist. The major focus was on training the producers in organic farming, crop planning, book keeping, market management, cooperative management etc. Assistance in shape of water lifting pumps, grading centre, bore well, sales centre etc were provided to boost their income.

Achievements during the year :

  1. Field level trainings imparted:
  • Training in crop planning-1 (32 farmers)
  • Training in organic veg cultivation-1 (35 farmers)
  • Training on Gender based discrimination-5 (186 farmers)
  1. District level trainings for cooperative members: 2 (155 cooperative leaders).
  2. State level trainings for staff: All the 3 project staff have been trained thrice at state level by Madhyam.
  3. Soil testing done for 142 farmers.
  4. Organic seed treatment done for 943 farmers.
  5. Supported seed mini kit to 50 farmers.
  6. Supported 0 energy cool chambers to 50 farmers.
  7. Organic coverage: 826.53 acre have been covered under organic practice yielding 28596.62 quintals of vegetables.
  8. Marketing Linkages: Marketing has been done in local outlets, weekly haats and supplying to Bhubaneswar markets.
    Besides the organic vegetable cultivation the project also emphasized on “Social security” and “Gender based Discrimination”


  1. 84 women have been linked under JANANI SURAKHYA YOJANA.
  2. 40 women linked under PMJDY (Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana)
  3. 15 women were linked to WIDOW PENSION YOJANA.
  4. 21 domestic violence cases were mediated.
  5. 86 women were organized and protested against liquor.

With a view to solve the two pronged issue of migrant labour from the state, DSS started a Migrant workers support program with assistance from Tata Trusts. Initially the program was operated in 2 blocks (Balipatana block in Khordha dist and Nimapara block in Puri dist). A new phase started during year 2015-16 for 3 years focusing on Balipatana block of Khordha dist only. However the project was closed by tata trusts by November 2016( 8 months in second year). The main focus of activity was on intensifying the services for migrant workers especially youth.

Achievements during the year :

  • 3 panchayat level special camps conducted, 670 migrant workers registered
  • 180 PRI made aware in 6 no of camps.
  • 363 women from migrant families got financial literacy & leadership training under 9 no of programs.
  • 30 migrant collective leaders got training in financial management.
  • 41 women got vocational skill training in mushroom cultivation and dairy farming.
  • 41 women got financial assistance to start household enterprises.
  • 162 women from migrant families got health awareness and counseling in 3 number of camps.
  • 14 women health counselors got training in health counseling under 2 programs.
  • 62 migrant workers got occupational health counseling and blood grouping under 2 number of camps.
  • 280 migrants youth got skill counseling under 5 camps.
  • 40 migrant youth got one month long skill training in Driving and Masonry trade.
  • A study was conducted on “Employment need and opportunity for Returnee Migrants”.
  • 42 cases of wage disputes were solved under 8 no of legal clinics.
  • 2 project staff were trained and send to exposure programs.
  • One destination survey was conducted at Chennai.
  • One block level and one district level stakeholders workshop were conducted where 72 Govt officials, NGOs participated.
  • Rs.31,87,000 was advanced as livelihood promoting loan to 267 migrant families.
  • 157 bank accounts opened, 100 PDS/ MNREGA/ Antodaya NOAP linked.
  • 133 construction workers linked to BoCWW.

With financial support from NRLM/ OLM/ Madhyam foundation DSS continued the MKSP program in Balipatana block targeting 600 women farmers in sustainable agriculture practices. During the year the following activities were undertaken.

  • Training programs : DSS conducted training programs on Soil testing & Soil health management, Seed selection & Preservation, Organic ways of cultivation, Plant protection SRI paddy Sustainable agriculture, Group management Book keeping etc. 470 women farmers were trained under 17 programs.
  • Exposure visit: an exposure visit of female farmers to immersion site (Nayagarh district) was organized where the female farmers were exposed to different vegetable farming practices.
  • Orientation to PRI members: 2 program were organized where 54 PRI participate and learned about the program.
  • Social Audit: One social audit was conducted at Gram Panchayat level where 35 stakeholders participated.
  • PI disclosure: Wall posters/ hoardings were done at different locations describing the program.
  • 60 individual Cold chambers constructed in the house s of 60 female farmers for vegetable preservation. • 2 no of weight measures were provided to 2 sub producer groups.
  • Profiling of female farmers: Computerized data base was prepared for 600 female farmers.
  • End Line Survey: The end line survey was conducted with the help of CRPs for comparing with baseline study results. It showed the doubling of income of the farmers and 60% adoption of organic and sustainable practices.

Above all the two cooperatives formed have been strengthened with handholding support from the project team.

With financial support from Usha International through Gram Uthan, DSS conducted 2 batches of Sewing trainings for young women, one at Balipatana block of Khordha district and one in Baliguda block of Kandhamal district. 30 young women sewing teachers got trained in advanced sewing technique by Usha International. 10 of the teachers were also assisted with 10 sewing machines and other accessories by Usha for starting 10 new sewing schools at their residence. The target is to further train 200 new women entrepreneurs in sewing/ tailoring skills.

With financial support from NABARD Bhubaneswar, DSS started a 3 year long FPO program where 2 FPOs were formed in Balipatana block of Khordha district and in Nimapada block of Puri district. Both the farmer producer Organizations have been registered as Producer companies.

  • 400 women farmers (vegetable growers) have been enrolled in two companies.
  • The 20 board of directors have been trained at DSS head office in company management techniques.
  • Both the CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) have been trained at BIRD-Lucknow in Producer organization management.
  • Both the companies have started Vegetable and Pulses collection and marketing.
  • Both the companies have got the SEED License from State seeds corporation and have started input marketing.
  • Project implementation and Monitoring Committee (PIMC) meetings have been conducted regularly and NABARD DDM have visited the field.

With financial assistance from NABARD, AXIS Bank and Gram Uthan, DSS conducted 5 no of Financial literacy programs in Khordha and Puri districts tragetting women SHG leaders, Cooperative leaders and NGO functionaries. The program mainly targeted the women SHG members in rural area to get the awareness on financial inclusion, digital transaction, digital literacy etc. The programe were conducted by eminent resource persons/ retired bankers/ trainers from the financial field. The programs got overwhelming acceptance and participation by women SHG members.

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